Drive Wheelchair Parts: Buying Guide

There are different types of Drive wheelchairs available, designed for people with varied needs. As are the variances in designs, there are also different types of parts used to make them functional. Ideally, you must ensure you buy the correct type of parts when you need to replace any. These parts also must be of high quality.

However, choosing replacement parts is difficult due to the abundance of their brands, make models and other aspects. Therefore, you must know what to look for in them in the first place. 

Components of a Drive Wheelchair 

There are different sets of components used to make a Drive wheelchair, and some of these are replaceable. These include the following:

  • The footrests
  • The armrests
  • The anti-tippers

However, these are not the only ones used to make a drive wheelchair. There are different types designed and used because the physical needs of the users vary dramatically.

Here are some of the components used in a Drive wheelchair over and above the basics:

  • Push rims – As the name suggests, these help move the wheelchair forward. These rims are usually made of different materials, such as titanium, steel, or aluminum. Sometimes, these rims may be coated with rubber or plastic for better grip.
  • The wheels – The front and rear wheels are essential components of a drive wheelchair that come in different sizes and designs to suit to move smoothly in different settings. 
  • Tires – You will get solid or pneumatic tires that have different abilities.
  • Spokes – A few Drive wheelchairs may also come with wheels with spokes.
  • Brakes – There are different types of brakes used in the Drive wheelchairs to serve the same purpose. 
  • Cushion – Most wheelchairs come with a cushion to offer comfort to the user.

Identifying the Specific Parts You Need 

Now, you will not need to buy all these parts for your Drive wheelchair at a time. You should identify those specific parts that have gone through rapid wear and tear and need immediate replacement. In order to identify the faulty or failing parts, you will need to inspect every inch and corner of your Drive wheelchair. 

Depending on your physical condition, it may not be possible for you to look into the parts that are usually not easily not visible or accessible. You may ask your family member or a friend to help you to find out the parts that are showing significant signs of wear and tear or are broken.

Researching and Finding Reliable Suppliers 

Now that you know the parts that you need to buy for replacement, you should look for a reliable supplier. This is an important aspect and should not be ignored. You will get good quality products only from a trusted supplier. Even if they cost more than any other suppliers, their parts will offer a higher return on your investment with their higher efficiency and functionality. In order to find a reliable supplier, you should do proper research. Google a few reliable names based on their customer reviews, number of years in business, variety of products in stock, specialization, and the experience their earlier customers had.

You must read a lot of reviews of the suppliers, not one in both cases. Look for reviews posted in reliable and neutral third-party websites as well as BBB and other similar sources. This will enable you to know whether or not any complaints were made against the supplier and how it was resolved. 

Evaluating the Quality and Compatibility of Parts 

When you have narrowed down the suppliers, you must not place your order straight away. You must first evaluate the quality of the products they supply and also ensure that they are compatible with your specific Drive wheelchair. To ensure the quality of the product, once again, you can research online. Look up the products available with the supplier and find more information online. 

Type the product details in the search part, at least a portion of it, and you will find lots of information regarding its make, model, and other specifications. This will help you to assess its compatibility. This is very important because there is no point in buying a specific component that will not fit in the particular Drive wheelchair you use. 

To check the compatibility, you should consider the size and width of the pat, depending on its type, and tally it with the specs of your wheelchair. This will ensure proper fit and functionality of the part after replacement. In addition, the kit will also ensure that your wheelchair is still safe and secure to use after the replacement of parts. While checking the compatibility of the part, make sure you check its availability in your area and ensure that it is easily serviceable and maintainable.

Comparing Prices and Obtaining Quotes 

If you think it is time to place your order, think again. You will now need to consider the cost factor so that you do not overpay. You can ensure this in the best way when you ask for written price quotes for the specific part you need. You should do this not for one but for multiple, at least three, suppliers of Drive wheelchair spare part suppliers that you have selected from your earlier research.

Once you get the quotes, compare them precisely. Do not choose a supplier simply because the prices quoted are the lowest. Often, this may lead to a significant loss in terms of performance and durability. If the product is not durable, you will have to replace it again very soon, this time with a part that costs more, increasing the eventual price of the part unnecessarily. Instead, compare the price with the features, functionality, reliability in performance, and durability of the component. All these are elements that will add value to the product.

Assessing Shipping and Delivery Options 

Now take a look at the delivery options and the time the product will take to reach you. If the waiting period for a specific supplier is long, there is no point placing your order with them, even if all other factors are in favor of them. If the product reaches you after a long time, you will not be able to use your Drive wheelchair for that period, or if it is still operable, you will have to use it at significant risk.

Also, consider how the product is shipped and the chances of damage in transit. It is better to take a look at the terms of conditions with respect to the replacement of damaged goods. This will give you complete peace of mind. 

Placing an Order for Drive Wheelchair Parts 

Now you are ready to place your order. When you do that, there are also a few other things to do so that you ensure that you get the right thing at the right time.

Most of the parts in a Drive wheelchair come in pairs, such as:

  • The wheels 
  • The push rims
  • The footrests
  • The armrests
  • The brakes and brake shoes

In most cases, these parts come in pairs, and the supplies sell in pairs, whether you need them or not. Therefore, make sure that you order the correct quantity. 

Check for the availability of the particular part that you want. Consider the brand, make, and model, along with the size, diameter, and other specs. Keep proper note of the product you order for, and also note the expected delivery date and time. This will ensure that you are around when the product arrives. Tally it with the specs you have kept a note of.

If the product is damaged, or not the exact one that you want, place an order for an immediate replacement. Acting promptly and judiciously while placing your order is very important so that things are not delayed unnecessarily and you are left immobile.

Ensuring Proper Installation and Replacement 

When you have the right product in hand, you will now focus on the removal of the old part and replacing it with the new one. This needs care and precision, both while removing the old part and fitting the new part. This will ensure proper installation and functionality of the part and the Drive chair on the whole. 

Depending on the particular part, it may need some expertise to remove and replace it. Therefore, if it is not very easy to remove and replace it, make sure that you call the local mechanic who has adequate experience working with Drive wheelchairs. This will ensure perfect and quick replacement and installation and safety and security when you reuse the wheelchair.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Drive Wheelchair Parts

Proper care and maintenance of the Drive wheelchair is crucial to ensure proper functionality, safety, and performance. Though it may vary according to the type and model of the wheelchair, the primary care and maintenance tips are almost the same.

The daily checks should include the following:

  • Checking the condition of the tires and pressure and 
  • Cleaning dirt and debris from the frame. 

The weekly checks should include the following:

  • Checking the condition and efficiency of the brakes and 
  • Checking the wheel alignment and castors so that the front wheels rotate freely and touch the ground.

The monthly check should include the following

The bolts and screws on the chair, seat back, footrests, hand rim, front and rear axles, x-brace, front caster, brakes, and pivot. And finally, the annual checklist should include a full service by an authorized person. In addition, you should not store your Drive wheelchair wet place so that it may cause damage due to rusting. You must also protect it from the sun. While cleaning the wheelchair, use a mild, non-abrasive solution.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Drive Wheelchair Parts 

Some of the most common issues with a Drive wheelchair can be resolved by you through easy troubleshooting. 

  • Upholstery issue – It can be damaged or ill-fitting. You may use an additional cushion or extra padding for comfort.
  • Freewheel lever issue: This may be locked or unlocked. Check that the lever is in the correct position depending on whether you want a manual or motorized performance.
  • Battery issues – Needless to say, this will leave your wheelchair motionless. Checking and changing the batter is the only solution to put it back on track.

Depending on the model, there may also be electrical faults within the internal circuits of the Drive wheelchair. These are best resolved by a certified mechanic. 


Following all these steps will ensure your Drive wheelchair is in perfect condition. It will be safe and secure to use and well protected from damage due to heat, dust, or moisture. Regular care and maintenance will ensure that issues are resolved as soon as they occur, preventing any accident and enhancing the life of your Drive wheelchair.  

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