How Much Does An Electric Wheelchair Cost?

The independence and freedom an electric wheelchair can bring to your life is nothing compared to other wheelchairs. However, compared to other categories due to the comfortability and vast range of functions that electric wheelchairs offer to their owners. They are a little costly compared to non-electric wheelchairs.

When it comes to electric wheelchairs, the technology and research that goes into manufacturing them are one of the reasons behind their high price. Moreover, due to the enhancement in technology, people are not settling down for anything lower than electric wheelchairs. Their demand is only set to be increased, which decreases the chances of their price being lowered.

Types of electric wheelchair 

Rear-wheel drive electric wheelchair

The Rear wheel drive electric wheelchairs are known for providing better traction to a wheelchair due to the presence of four wheels. It has two larger wheels at the back and two smaller wheels for added stability and maneuvering. When driving these real-wheel electric wheelchairs, all the power is generated from the back of the wheelchair.

Front-wheel drive electric wheelchair

Similar to rear-wheel electric wheelchairs, front-wheel electric wheelchairs also possess four wheels for improved traction. It has been named the front wheel due to the presence of the drive wheel in the front. For obstacle climbing, the front wheel drive electric wheelchairs are considered the best option. 

Mid-wheel drive electric wheelchair

Unlike rear-wheel and front-wheel electric wheelchairs, the mid-wheel is said to possess six wheels in them. Two large drive wheels are fitted in the middle, while two smaller wheels are simultaneously in the front and back. This type of design was initially planned to provide added stability for the user. 

Standing electric wheelchair

A standing electric wheelchair works based on assistive technology, allowing the user to stand up while seated. This helps them maintain eye contact with other people during conversations. 

Folding electric wheelchair

When it comes to convenience and portability, the folding electric wheelchair is considered to be an ideal option. This type of electric wheelchair only weighs around 15 to 60 lbs, thereby making them one of the lightest wheelchairs available. 

Heavy-duty electric wheelchair

The heavy-duty electric wheelchairs are designed keeping in mind the accommodation of larger persons. If it comes to toughness and supporting users up to 500 lbs, there is no comparison to a heavy-duty electric wheelchair. Due to the presence of larger motors and wider frames, this type of electric wheelchair is considered much better than standard ones. 

Travel electric wheelchair

The folding electric wheelchair could be your closest choice of being a travel electric wheelchair. Due to its easier mobility and lighter weight compared to other categories, you can easily carry this electric wheelchair for traveling. Thus, you wouldn’t have to sit in your home while your friends or family travel worldwide. 

Factors Affecting Electric Wheelchair Cost

Several factors affect the cost of an electric wheelchair. Here are some points that could help you know better about them before going into the shop to purchase one.


One of the first things you must consider before purchasing an electric wheelchair is the type or design you want. A lot of importance is given to this point as depending upon the model you choose, the price will be set accordingly. 


Not every model of an electric wheelchair in the market could suit your requirements. Everyone has different needs for their electric wheelchair; thus, adapting to those wheelchair customizations is the only option. When it comes to customization, you would need to pay an extra amount that is far higher than a standard electric wheelchair. Moreover, opting for customization can improve the quality of your electric wheelchair and the time you spend on it. 


Many people like to have an advanced set of controls in their electric wheelchairs to help them converse with people normally. Additionally, those sitting in wheelchairs would like to have more control over their hands. This helps them break free of the need for someone to push them throughout the way or help in controlling the wheelchair. 

Seating posture

People in their wheelchairs spend most of their time sitting due to not having the potential to walk for specific reasons. Therefore, when you mostly sit, you must have comfy seating equipment to help you relax. 

The posture you maintain helps your bones strengthen and muscles tighten as per requirement. If you don’t purchase an electric wheelchair with the correct posture, then it will damage your back further than it was previously. Furthermore, you can also develop problems with eating or breathing. 

Consultation cost

Few electric wheelchair suppliers like to charge people a specific cost to help them learn the controls of the wheelchair. Many people require a lot of adjustments when trying to use their electric wheelchairs. Those tweaking and adjustments that the sellers provide to you might not come free of cost. Therefore, it would be best to check out the consultation fee from before. 

The Price Range of An Electric Wheelchair

Even though you can find electric wheelchairs at different prices in the market when it comes to its typical price range, an electric wheelchair could cost you something between $1,000 to $15,000. However, several factors come into play when searching for an electric wheelchair. The quality, brand, size, features, and controls are the ones that would determine the actual cost of your electric wheelchair. 

For regular electric wheelchairs

On the other hand, if you are a regular electric wheelchair user, then an average model could be helpful. Thus, an average electric wheelchair could cost you something in the middle, between $2000 to $3000. However, if you are looking to purchase an electric wheelchair that is above the average level, then the mid-level electric wheelchair could serve you the best. In addition, you could bring them home by paying approximately $4000 with all the necessary accessories you want. 

For standing electric wheelchair:

Different models of electric wheelchairs are priced accordingly depending upon the benefits they will provide. For instance, if you are looking to purchase a standing electric wheelchair, then you should be willing to spend a hefty amount on it. Many times, when you are physically disabled often, it is the health insurance company that takes care of your electric wheelchair cost. If it does happen, then you wouldn’t have to worry about paying for acquiring the electric wheelchair. 

To explain in simple words, an electric wheelchair is quite expensive. Many people can’t afford it after spending significantly on their treatment. Furthermore, medical treatment costs have also increased by several folds across most countries globally. You must remember that even though your medical company decides to pay the cost of an electric wheelchair. It is you who will need to pay the additional cost that would be required if any damage is done to it. 

Additional costs to consider

Now that you must get a good idea of the factors that could affect the cost of your electric wheelchair or the price range you could expect while buying those. It would help if you also considered additional costs, which will help you make a better decision moving forward. 

  • Pay through Installment: You can try and ask your seller of the electric wheelchair to provide you with some finance options. For many people, paying a considerable sum of money upfront is difficult. Therefore, for those people, it would be great if any monthly payment system is implemented. This would benefit both the buyer and seller as they would profit. 
  • Grab the discounts: When looking to purchase an electric wheelchair, you can do another thing, like search for discounts or subsidies. If you come across a shop offering an electric wheelchair at a discount without giving it much thought, you should acquire it. 
  • Government Charities: While searching for an electric wheelchair, try and find charities near you as they can provide you with one free of cost. The government holds several charities to help disabled people. From those places, you can find an electric wheelchair that could suit your requirements. Thus, making your life a little easier. 
  • Directly visiting your manufacturer: It is yet another option for you, who sometimes like to sell their products to consumers directly. This allows them to eliminate the cost of paying an extra charge to a middleman who is responsible for selling the electric wheelchair. Additionally, directly conversing with your manufacturer would help you in knowing more about the electric wheelchair that could be your support system for many years to come. 


People often end up disappointed when they hear about the price of an electric wheelchair for the first time. Thus, many people often back out and instead opt for something that is cheaper. But if you want a quality model, then none would be better than an electric wheelchair. It has all the necessary equipment that can make your disabled life a little bit happier. Moreover, you can find several types of them present in the market from which you can choose either one that can suit all your requirements. 

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