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Extend Your Network Wirelessly with the Ubiquiti UniFi Building Bridge

If you need to span your network connection across buildings or cover a large area, running physical cables can be impractical, expensive, and unsightly. The Ubiquiti UniFi Building Bridge provides an elegant wireless solution to bridge network segments without the hassle of trenching or dangling cables.

What is the UniFi Building Bridge?

The UniFi Building Bridge is a carrier-grade wireless bridge operating in the 60GHz spectrum to create a high-bandwidth wireless link between two locations up to 500 meters apart. It uses cutting-edge wireless technology to achieve multi-gigabit throughput with extremely low latency.

Key Features:

  • 60GHz wireless operating frequency for high throughput and low interference
  • Up to 500 meter range for spanning networks across buildings
  • Wireless link redundancy with automatic failover
  • Pre-paired out of the box for easy deployment
  • Versatile mounting options for pole, wall, or ceiling installation

Ubiquitous High-Speed Connectivity One of the biggest advantages of the UniFi Building Bridge is the ability to quickly and cost-effectively extend your network across physically separated areas. Whether bridging between buildings on a campus, municipality, or other facility, the 60GHz wireless connection provides multi-gigabit throughput to ensure fast, reliable network access.

The high frequency minimizes interference from other wireless sources, while the proprietary wireless protocol optimizes throughput and latency for demanding applications like voice, video, and low-latency data transfer.

Simple, Redundant Deployment

The UniFi Building Bridge comes pre-paired out of the box, allowing for an ultra-simple deployment without any complex configuration. Just mount the two units at the desired locations, power them on, and your wireless bridge is automatically established.

The wireless link redundancy provides added reliability by automatically re-establishing the connection if the primary path is obstructed. This redundancy ensures continuous uptime for critical networked applications and resources.

Flexible, Versatile Mounting With its compact, lightweight design and versatile mounting options, the UniFi Building Bridge can be easily installed virtually anywhere. It supports pole, wall, and ceiling mounts to adapt to your specific location needs.

The UniFi Building Bridge combines powerful wireless capabilities with an intuitive, redundant setup to provide a simple way to bridge networks across long distances. If you need to span buildings, campuses or facilities with a high-bandwidth connection, it’s the perfect wireless solution.

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