Wheelchair Dimensions: Standard Average Width

For people who are disabled and aren’t able to walk or move appropriately like common folk for them, a wheelchair is the only option. You can find different dimensions of wheelchairs depending on your body type or surrounding environment. In most cases, the standardized dimension wheelchair is preferred by people who spend most of their time at home. Even though there are a lot of options that come along with wheelchair dimensions, you need to keep in mind several factors before choosing to use one for yourself. 

Why are Wheelchair Dimensions?

When you are looking to read about the importance of wheelchair dimensions, you can find plenty of them. That is why we have summarised some points that could provide you with some basic knowledge.


One of the first essential criteria in choosing the correct wheelchair dimensions would be increased independence. If your wheelchair doesn’t have the right dimensions, going around or traveling on it could be difficult for you. A sense of flexibility wouldn’t be there, which could restrict the movement you can use the wheelchair. The more independence you have, the less time anyone else would have to invest in you while present in the wheelchair. 


The second most crucial thing regarding wheelchair dimensions is the ability to maneuver without facing any hurdles. A robust wheelchair dimension would allow you to take it outside for travel or any other purpose. Hence, before you do bring that wheelchair into the home, ensure it has the right dimensions structured on it. Not having the correct dimension of a wheelchair could restrict your movement from one place to another. 


Lastly, there is health which you need to keep in proper check throughout your time in a wheelchair. Wheelchair dimensions are given to the patient to improve their health instead degrading it. Thus, choosing the correct wheelchair dimension with all the characteristics could help you lead a healthy life. 

Wheelchair Sizing

You can either choose to bring home a wheelchair that has a fixed size or a customizable one as per your doctor’s recommendation. But before you get that wheelchair of your choice, please ensure that the sizing of it is correct from all perspectives.

Seat width

The width of a wheelchair is one of the first factors you need to consider before choosing the correct size. If you end up in a wheelchair that doesn’t have the right width, it could be too big for you or a minor. Moreover, it is the width of a wheelchair that takes care of your posture to help it become linear as it was previously. 

Seat depth

Just like width, the depth of a wheelchair also plays an equally important role that can ensure your comfort on the wheelchair. When you have a short seat, your back pressure could increase. This later resulted in back problems that wouldn’t be treatable anymore. Additionally, you must choose a depth to ensure you are in contact with everyone without discomforting the seat. 

Seat height

At the end of your wheelchair dimensions, you must choose a height allowing you to converse with people on their level. Your feet must be placed correctly while your legs are supported so that you can apply some pressure on them. Nevertheless, your wheelchair needs to have a basic ground clearance, or else it could get stuck on the road because of coming together with an obstacle. 

Ergonomics and Comfort

In simple words, ergonomics is our body’s relationship with our work. Only through taking care of the ergonomics of a wheelchair can you ensure yourself a smooth ride. The ergonomics of a wheelchair dimension help maintain your body’s comfort. If you are not comfortable while sitting in a wheelchair, then using one would be of no use. 

Doctors recommend their disabled patients use a wheelchair to correct their relationship with ergonomics. The impact you provide on a wheelchair helps relax your muscles, which need constant work or rest, depending on their usage. Thus, the wheelchair dimension helps stabilize your body’s ergonomics and comfort. 

Accessibility and Manoeuvrability

There are a few factors that improve the accessibility and maneuverability of a wheelchair that you must always keep in mind. For your convenience, here are some of those factors that have been summarised as briefly as possible.


Firstly, there is a standard folding wheelchair with a cross-brace design that can be easily folded for enhanced accessibility. This category of wheelchairs is quite famous for transportation as they can be carried anywhere without sacrificing space. But the only factor that limits the accessibility of wheelchair dimensions in this category is their heaviness. 


The material which has been chosen for building the wheelchair also plays a significant role in defining its accessibility of it. At the lowest of budgets, you can find yourself a steel wheelchair that can be easily carried and lasts a long time. You can also choose aluminum as your wheelchair dimension as it ensures you a lightweight experience. 

Wheelchair Dimensions for different user needs

Regarding wheelchair dimensions, different user needs must be considered before taking that wheelchair home. 

Fixed Measurement

First, you need to measure the wheelchair you want to bring home, as not doing so could cause you various difficulties. There are almost twelve body measurements that need to be measured before assessing if they are suitable for you. Almost six of those twelve measurements are essential, as careful consideration must be given. 

Inaccurate measurement

Many times, while measuring a wheelchair depending on the user’s needs, you can find plenty of inaccuracies. Therefore, in such instances, you need to use a firm tape measure that will not bend, resulting in an inaccurate measurement. Moreover, you can also use calipers ideal for taking accurate measurements as required. 

Wheelchair Dimensions and Transportation

Here are some things you need to consider before getting that wheelchair dimension for easy transportation. 


To find out the correct dimension for your wheelchair, you need first to measure its backside while bringing it on a flat surface. Also, the passageway which you are looking to travel through using the wheelchair must be measured. This will help you get the correct size of wheelchair that could ease your transportation. For disabled persons whose life depends on the wheelchair finding the correct size holds a great deal of significance. 

Weight capacity

Although the size of your wheelchair could be crucial in finding the right dimension, you also need to measure its weight capacity correctly. The weight capacity of a transport chair ranges from 120 pounds. Moreover, this category of transport chairs can touch a weight capacity of almost 500 pounds. Thus, checking the weight capacity of your wheelchair before buying it ensures the protection you will get through it. 

Frequency of use

Even though the size and weight of your wheelchair play an equally important role, it could finally depend upon the frequency you choose to use the wheelchair. Hence, if you are willing to use the wheelchair regularly and transport it from different places, choosing an expensive option could be impactful. 

Wheelchair Measurement and Fitting Process

The fitting process of your wheelchair could depend greatly on the measurement you have taken for the wheelchair. Here is the fitting process that is useful for you. 

Rear wheel position

The rear wheel position of your wheelchair will help you adjust the elbow, which plays a crucial role in improving your body. Ensure the elbows are angled at 90 degrees to allow you to move them properly as required. 

Seat height

For hand propulsion, you might need the help of rear wheel position, but when it comes to foot adjustment, you could require the seat height to be perfect. There is also the factor of stretching your back, whose adequate adjustment will ensure that your body goes through a steady improvement. 

Future Trends in Wheelchair Design and Dimensions

The technology around us is evolving tremendously, and some industries are bound to follow that trend, or else they could be left behind. Similarly, in the case of wheelchair designs, a futuristic trend is coming up that is embracing the market for more options among the general population. 

Sit and Stand Wheelchairs

Just launched into the market, there is the option of getting a sit-and-stand wheelchair that allows the person to sit or stand simultaneously. But people with their legs intact can only choose to use this category of wheelchairs. 

Electric Wheelchair

Coming on to electric wheelchairs are quite a fancy option that only people with efficient financial backing can enjoy. A diversified range of controls could be available for using this type of wheelchair dimension. 


Not many people are able to correctly identify a wheelchair on the basis of correct dimensions. There are a lot of problems that need to be averted before getting the right dimension of a wheelchair that could suit all your requirements. Hopefully, this article has been able to provide you with the all information that was required for you to understand the wheelchair dimension. 

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